And the site keeps growing…

Some months after my last post, I write this one to tell you about my two brand new galleries and a few photos added to my project “Cities with soul.”

Barcelona is a gallery photographed during my Easter vacation trip to the city. Photos are in color and have been edited in Lightroom in such a way that the tonal range is high, recalling a little bit to HDR photos. In this trip I used for the very first time my new Nikkor 70-200 f4 tele lens. It is amazing the amount of information that can be stored in the 24Mpx of my D600 and the quality achieved by using this lens.

Munich is my last gallery of the beautiful German city. I travelled there for work, so I did not manage to have much time for taking photos… Nevertheless, I shot 500 images from which I have chosen these 24, a mix between color and B&W photos. I still do not know if I will have a more defined style in the future: I like B&W but I also love some photos in color. I cannot decide if all the photos should be one or another, so I try to work in an image-per-image basis and I use color or B&W depending on the image. I guess my style…

I have uploaded two photos to my ‘Cities with soul’ project, one from Barcelona (that is not included in the gallery) and another one from Munich. I really like this shot, but I will probably re-edit it in the near future.

That’s all for now, see you soon (hopefully)

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New galleries posted

In last months I have uploaded two new galleries.

Zaragoza is about my city. It is expected to grow and change, so it has been posted as a project. Anyway, I can hardly label it as ‘travel’, although many of you may find it a very nice destination for a two-three days trip.

Brussels is a gallery of photos made in during a couple of hours in the heart of Europe. I decided to post all of them in B&W though the day was sunny and clean.

Hope you like them. I have included a brief description of them in the gallery itself, so I did not post anything here.

Please remember that through Projects and Travel you can access more galleries that are hidden in the main menu. Enjoy!

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New images added to the site

Today I have uploaded three more photos to the project iPhoneography, two photos to project Trees & Forests and four more to Cities with Soul. In the later, one image from Hong Kong, one image from Florence and two images from Sevilla have been included to reach 27 photos for this gallery. If you want to see more photos from Sevilla you can visit the gallery in my flickr page. Hope you like the photos!


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