A new gallery has been uploaded with 23 photos from Copenhagen, Denmark. As usual, I did not spend much time in the city, but it was enough to produce some images that I do really love. The photos are divided in four different groups: first, photos made in the streets and where the colors of the buildings become the main characters of the gallery. Mainly uninhabited streets are shown. Next group of photos shows people riding bicycles. Copenhagen is well known as a city with many many people bicycling through the streets, and sometimes it can even be a little bit disturbing, believe me (can you read WhatsApp while riding a bike?). Next group shows some images from the streets and landmarks of the city. And finally, the last group of photos are about the parks and trees and their relationship with the people. I hope that you like the photos. Maybe different project galleries will grow with some of the images captured in the beautiful city of Copenhagen

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