I was born in Huesca, Spain, 1966. I work as a Professor at the University of Zaragoza, where I teach and do research in photonics and optical communications. My hobby is photography, and I try to take it quite seriously.  I love to travel, most of my photos are made during short work trips.


I try to photograph what I see in each moment of my life in a pursue for creativity. Creativity in the sense of feeling alive, not in the sense of achieving tricky or surprising images. This creativity appear many times through my computer screen and the use of digital edition while I play with the raw files.

The images

Most of my photos have not been digitally altered more than what one would do in a dark room. Burns and reserves, saturation and contrast adjustments.

You should be aware that all the images in this site are mine and cannot be used elsewhere without my permission. If you like a photo and want to use  it for some purpose, just ask. If you want to buy a fine art print of my works, please send me an email with your inquiry to nachogarces@gmail.com. Thank you!